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Red Stone
Natural stone Amsterdam

Discover our carefully curated collection of the most beautiful, ancient treasures nature has to offer: stone.


In our showroom and workplace in Amsterdam, unique designs are custom made for true aesthetes.


At Red Stone you are welcome for all your design projects such as natural stone floors, countertops, bathrooms, stairs and much more.


Created by mother earth, beautiful, unique and of exceptionally high quality. Those are the requirements we set for our collection. From marble to onyx and from granite to limestone. Natural stone comes in countless colours, patterns and finishes.


Red Stone offers more than 3,000 different types of natural stone and every piece that comes out of the quarry can be transformed into the industry's leading countertop, floor, staircase, wall cladding, table top or work of art. For indoor and outdoor.


Private or business. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, swimming pool, wellness. The possibilities are limitless.


Professional Partnership.


We work with architects, interior designers, retailers, property developers and their private clients in Amsterdam and across the country, even Europe.


The partnership starts with a dialogue, sharing vision, dreams and design plans.


Preferably as early on in the project as possible, so clients can fully profit from our wealth of knowledge and experience. RedStone aims to inspire and offers exquisite service levels. Our technical staff are true craftsmen and the machinery in our workplace are the most advanced.

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From private homes to hotels, retail and real estate. Our natural stone projects are always tailor-made. The sky's the limit.


For interior and exterior design, our deliverables are timeless, elegant and exceptionally durable.

Feel free to contact us.

We like to help you.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Amsterdam from Monday to Friday, by appointment only.


We strive to give each client and designer our undivided attention in order to share our knowledge and expertise the best way possible. Naturally and without any obligation.


Make an appointment with one of our professionals. For more information, please call 020-6850583.