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About us

For over 25 years we have been curating 3,000 different types of stone. Rocks that were formed over millions of years, which eventually moved from the interior of the earth to the most prestigious buildings, designed by well-respected interior designers and architects.


What started out as a personal quest for this beautiful product transformed to a deep-rooted love, passion and ambition to show the world the colourful and endless possibilities with stone. The founder and his offspring personally select the finest stone from quarries in Italy, Turkey, France, Iran and many more countries across the globe to guarantee excellent quality.


Red Stone specialises in 100% natural material because nothing compares to the colours, patterns and properties of stone. Each piece is unique and can never be rivalled by man-made ceramics or composite.


Our state of the art technical equipment and highly skilled staff in the Amsterdam workplace allows us to create even the most challenging designs for a truly unique and luxurious experience of all types of stone. From Fior di Bosco to Calacatta Oro and Silver Roots marble, to onyx, quartzite and so on.

Red Stone X Art

To honour stone and all its assets, Red Stone and internationally renowned artist Joseph Sassoon Semah connected and shared their knowledge and passion for stone.


Semah’s portfolio of beautiful pieces of art and his ambition to go beyond technical boundaries are elements of a promising and inspiring partnership.


Red Stone was honoured to play a part in the realisation of Semah’s stone art pieces over the past few years.


One of which is showcased at the Red Stone showroom in Amsterdam. In 2021 – post COVID – an exhibition will be hosted at the home of Red Stone in Amsterdam.